A Solid Marketing Strategy – 3 Reasons You Need It

When it comes to marketing, you may think the best strategy is to do what everyone else is doing and then fight it out at the end for customers. That doesn’t sound like a solid marketing strategy for a successful brand to me…


Lots of marketing trends come and go. With that, the popularity of certain products and services rise and fall, too. There are brands and marketers out there who define success as having the largest share of their respective market(s) as possible.

They target a wide audience believing this will translate to more sales which, to them, equals success. Now, there’s nothing wrong with thinking and strategizing this way. However, the wider an audience you target the more competition you expose yourself, too.

Your role is to shift the consumer’s focus and preferences towards you, but this isn’t always so easy to do, and this is where niche marketing comes in.

Targeting the Best Prospects

Niche marketing recognizes that a big part of succeeding in any marketing strategy is choosing the right target. Niche marketing focuses on a very specialized section of a wider consumer base, and this means their needs and preferences are a lot more defined and concrete.

It’s about targeting the best prospects that you can serve and the strategies used in niche marketing are very specialized. To have a successful and solid marketing strategy, market research is key- you must listen to the needs of your niche. Otherwise, your strategy will be unsuccessful.

On the other hand, if you have a full understanding of how your target market behaves, it will be easier to address their needs. This cannot be expressed enough.

Focused Spending

Niche marketing is cost-effective. Cost-effective is defined as “something that is a good value, where the benefits and usage are worth at least what is paid for them”.

When brands evaluate their spending for strategies and campaigns, they also pay attention to the effectiveness of their campaigns and if they money spent was worth it. The goal is to be worth it.

Targeting a specific subset of your audience will make it:

  • easier for you to pick a specific focus,
  • identify their pain points,
  • which will help you communicate in their specific language,
  • and become their go-to resource.

Even if you have a limited budget, success is a lot easier to reach with this strategy.


The last thing you have to remember, to be successful you must make sure that your strategy can be sustained over a long period of time. Marketing is trendy. Strategies are based on what the current trends are and what the target market is thinking of at the moment.

Keep reviewing your strategies and how your audience is responding to them. Don’t oversaturate them either. Be willing to try new things.

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