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Afraid to Start Your Business? Motivation is Here!

Are you afraid to start your business? Need some motivation? Cause, I noticed that some of y’all are delaying the start of your business … and unnecessarily so.

And I get it. I am a classic Type A procrastinator and perfectionist. So you know I move slow. Fast. But slow. Add a dash of anxiety and walah! A recipe for getting bomb things done at a slow pace.

Now, this doesn’t happen all of the time. But enough times for me to acknowledge and plan accordingly. Especially when under a deadline.

Unfortunately, it’s like that times 100 when starting a business.

You overthink every single step. Folks are screaming at you everywhere you turn for advice online.

You need a business plan! You need to have thousands of thousands of dollars to start!

Well, I have to say my most successful and profitable businesses did not have a business plan. I did not have thousands and thousands of dollars in capital.

*Inserts huge BUT here*

I also didn’t want (or need) investors. If that’s your case- maybe you’re a corporation or a non-profit– you’re going to NEED a business plan. Potential investors, donors, sponsors will want to know how you plan on spending their funds and if they will receive a profit in return or if their mission will be served, respectively.

My brands are mainly service-based and/or online. I did not have anyone to be accountable to. And, I was able to self-fund using:

  • money from my 9 to 5
  • stocks and bonds I cashed in
  • borrowing (and sometimes withdrawing with penalty) funds from my retirement portfolio
  • hitting up friends and family (after all, a closed mouth doesn’t get fed. Feel me?!)

My “business plan” was an overview of sorts. I knew people who were interested in working with me. I had a client-base I knew I could tap into. And I had an audience. A small one… but an audience, nonetheless. And an to offer a service I felt was missing in the fashion industry.

I won’t lie and say every product or service I developed were a hit. But I listened to my target audience and evaluated their needs. (Be careful – you’ll want balance in handling this). Point is, I wasn’t afraid to change and tweak where needed.

Can you say pivot, please!!

It doesn’t matter if you need investors or not, social media and it’s specific marketing tactics has changed the game. Don’t wait too much longer to start fulfilling your dream.Still afraid to start your business? Only you can decide. I have an article to help remind you of your why for an added push.

So Ms. Kenni, where can I follow you for more insight and tips? (That’s you asking me 😄, btw)

You can find me at Ms. Kenni empowering community, engaging with my tribe, and unapologetically entertaining the masses. Now, if you don’t want to laugh with me  (👀😂) and just want my business tips, resources and trainings then you’ll want to follow me at Butterfly30LLC ✨. Either way, I don’t mind 🤪.

#ThankMeLater ❤

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