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entrepreneur with strong mindset sitting in office with laptop

I advocate all day for entrepreneurship but I have to say it’s no easy feat. I mean, here’s one of my top article’s on the subject. And by now, I’m sure you know that you have to develop a strong mindset for full-time entrepreneurship. But, before you drop everything, quitContinue Reading

sparkle while planning

This article originally appeared on Ms.Kenni NYC 2019 was the year I would set aside time on a consistent basis for business planning. For all 5,011 of my businesses (those that know, know lmfao)  to grow I needed to plan out what I wanted to do and more importantly focusContinue Reading

woman laying in bed procrastinating

Stop procrastinating and start doing – get out of your head and take small steps to fulfilling your dreams. I’m just going to be 100% straightforward with you on this… that’s why you’re here? For accountability? A Dream Deferred You’ve always wanted to work for yourself. You’ve dreamed of takingContinue Reading