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the Butterfly30 system to small business and entrepreneurial success

sparkle while planning

This article originally appeared on Ms.Kenni NYC 2019 was the year I would set aside time on a consistent basis for business planning. For all 5,011 of my businesses (those that know, know lmfao)  to grow I needed to plan out what I wanted to do and more importantly focusContinue Reading

Managing time wisely and effectively is challenging. But excellent time management skills are invaluable, especially when trying to manage both a full-time job and a part-time business. After all, there are other things in life besides just work. If you want the opportunity to enjoy other aspects of your life,Continue Reading

focus on reaching your target audience

You’re here because you understand that reaching your target audience isn’t as easy as it sounds? And you’ve probably read up on the topic before but you haven’t had that … aha moment. That moment where the concept of targeting your audience just, well, clicks (is that a pun?). BeforeContinue Reading

I know. It may seem as I go on and on about target marketing and niche marketing. And I do. But there’s a method to my madness. I promise you. Marketing gurus understand how important choosing the right target audience is to the success of your brand. And I wantContinue Reading