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Develop a Mindset for Entrepreneurship

I advocate all day for entrepreneurship but I have to say it’s no easy feat. I mean, here’s one of my top article’s on the subject. And by now, I’m sure you know that you have to develop a strong mindset for full-time entrepreneurship.

But, before you drop everything, quit your job, and stick your middle finger in the air did you ask yourself these 3 questions?

💻 Are you ready to fail? The fear of failure is REAL. It’s a fact that ANY kind of fear is crippling to your mindset. Add being an entrepreneur to the mix and you’ve lost before you’ve started. Failure is a badge of honor in these entrepreneur streets so figure out before you take the leap an action plan to reset, plot twist and get back to your business.

💻 Are you ready to invest in your brand? You would think this a no-brainer but you’d be surprise at how many entrepreneurs scoff at running ads, or sending out free merch to influencers, or expect people to help them for free. If you won’t invest in YOU, don’t expect anyone else to either.

💻 Are you self-motivated? Being an entrepreneur gets lonely. Late nights, early mornings, friends and family who just don’t get it, and let’s not get into if you have children or a 9 to 5. Learn to be your own cheerleader and be on the lookout for folks who share your passion. Build your team as you go and leave the naysayers room to jump on the bandwagon later.

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