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Start An Online Brand … 6 Reasons Why You Should

More and more people are entering the online business world and for good reason. Read below to find the top 6 reasons to start an online brand.

The Cost Factor

The explosion of the internet (world wide web) and social media platforms are making it more and more affordable (and profitable) to start an online business.

No need to have thousands and thousands of dollars to start your online boutique or consulting practice or sell your book. Online businesses do not require a traditional brick-and-mortar building. Most online businesses are started from a home office, their couch, or their local Starbucks!

Opportunity vs Need

Studies suggest, online business growth are not being born out of necessity. Meaning, for the most part, most entrepreneurs are opening their own doors out of OPPORTUNITY and not because of NEED.

So, if folks don’t need a job then what are the opportunities that lead them to becoming entrepreneurs? Based on surveys, most people aspire or become entrepreneurs for one of the following reasons:

  • The prospect of financial freedom
  • Being their own boss
  • Opportunity to be creative
  • More time to spend with family/ friends
  • Belief that they can solve a problem faster or better than what exists in the market
  • The desire to leave something behind for family or leave their mark on society

Any of those reasons resonate with you? If so, now is the time to explore what it takes to build, launch and grow a successful brand. 

*This article originally appeared on Ms. Kenni NYC*

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